The logo of our company is formed by the initials of our names Luis and Marta, we are a couple who shares our life and the passion for photography.

Luis is from Ecuador and grew up in Italy, he has studied at the photography Academy in Genoa and worked for many years as a graphic designer;

Marta has studied foreign languages and management, grew up between Chiavari and Lavagna, since she was a child she has always been very passionate about dancing, and traveling around the world.

We met five years ago at the publisher house we used to work for, so we know how good we are at cooperating!

We love to capture touching moments, emotions and memories that will last forever. 

We believe in love, in family and in the beauty of life, we are very curious and that's why we love to travel and to share everything we see as much as we can, there is so much beauty in our world that needs to be tell.

Hope to hear from you soon and have the opportunity to shoot your magical moments!